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Released in late 2009, Fraser Fifield's fourth solo album 'Stereocanto' is an innovative mix of original compositions, featuring his low whistle, Highland pipes, soprano saxophone, Bulgarian kaval (end-blow flute), Highland hornpipe, practice chanter, keyboards and percussion multi-layered with exceptional performances from Alyn Cosker (drums), Graeme Stephen (guitar) Mario Caribe (bass) and Vicky Fifield (strings).

Stereocanto, Cabin Fever, Snakes Well, Miss Anna Marie, Angel's, Stuff The Dragon, Wrath And Love, Orreal, Lochan

Jazzwise, Dec 2009: "Fifield is an outstanding product of the Scottish jazz-folk scene who at one moment can blow a low whistle like Charlie Parker steaming his way through ‘Ko-Ko’ and at the next knock out an air on a sax like a Highland traditionalist. On this, his fourth album as leader, the in-demand multi-instrumentalist also shows himself a master programmer and beats adept."