Secret Path Trio

Fraser Fifield -Low Whistle | Paul Harrison - Wurlitzer piano | Tom Bancroft - drums/bodhran

Jazz North East: "Thanks so much to everyone that made it down to the brilliant Fraser Fifield ‘Secret Path’ Trio with Paul Harrison and Tom Bancroft at The Globe on Sunday night. I can honestly say that was one of THE BEST groups I’ve ever booked working with Jazz North East! It was just SO GOOD!!! To all my promoter friends around the country call up Fraser and get that trio to your venue."

"There is a lovely tone to the whistle in Fifield's hands. Clearly a virtuoso, his mastery of the instrument shows". read the full review here  

Fraser Fifield and Graeme Stephen

Two of Scotland’s most accomplished – and least categorisable – musicians

"In Graeme Stephen, he has the ideal partner and, over 16 years, they have forged an understanding that means wherever one goes the other will join him intuitively, be that into a moving lament or the kind of electric guitar and Border pipes ferment witnessed on Chase It Catch It that, if he were that sort of bloke, might see Fifield with his foot up on a monitor, posing like a heavy metal hero. At heart, Fifield is a melodist and his gifts as such are here in abundance - filed under adventure". wrote Rob Adams for The Herald

Piping Lessons

bagpipe tuition

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