My contribution to the Scotsman Sessions series went like this ....

Hope you enjoy the music.  

Great Reviews for 'In Mumbai':

from 'Fatea':

"For this fascinating album he has teamed up with three very respected and notable musicians from India: Sabir Khan on sarangi ( a bowed instrument), Saresh Lalwani on violin and viola and Navin Sharma on tabla and other percussion......

..... a wonderful demonstration of the mutual respect and appreciation of four musicians for each other to make a unique sound that resonates long after the album has ended".   

read in full:

Field of Hope

Fraser Fifield

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Field of Hope

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Composed and recorded on 3/4 July 2020, released July 5, 2020 composed, performed, recorded by Fraser Fifield. Sheet music for the melody line is included. Named after a local riverside walk called the 'Fife Field of Hope'...cos you gotta!

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New release

~ In Mumbai ~ by Fraser Fifield, features Sabir Khan, Navin Sharma and Suresh Lalwani

Delighted to share with you this new record, made in Bollywood, Mumbai with fantastic guests!

2020 to date...