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 Traces Of Thrace. 'Scotland meets Bulgaria' ~ "Played by musicians at the top of their game, the compositions sound natural, and almost organic, but closer listening reveals that they are tightly organised and highly sophisticated. A magnificent achievement." Songlines

Fraser Fifield, sax, low whistle, bagpipe, keyboard / Nedyalko Nedyalkov, kaval / Graeme Stephen, guitar / David Robertson, percussion / Guy Nicolson,  percussion / Georgi Petrov, gadulka

Recorded 13-15 December 2007 Produced by Fraser Fifield with Calum Malcolm. Music composed by Fraser Fifield.

1. Sofia Rakia / 2. Waterfall / 3. Kerry’s Dream  / 4. Traces Of Thrace  / 5. Passing With The Time / 6. Drawing Maps / 7. Ceres / 8. Signs Of Life / 9. Nedyal’s  



thanks to Creative Scotland for supporting this project