(Jan '21). "The word piobaireachd translates roughly as 'bagpiping' but through the centuries the term has become synonymous with a particular style of music in theme and variation format performed typically on the Scottish Highland Bagpipe.

While the world sorts through the legacy of 2020, imploring the resurrection of live music and so much more,  I'll be exploring my creative resourcefulness through recording new music featuring, or inspired by,  the art of piobaireachd". 

I'm grateful to Creative Scotland for their support in this endeavour. 

* pre-order open on Bandcamp *


Any comments?

Piobaireachd 2021 

Thanks for visiting. I'd love to hear any opinions, feedback and comments from any interested listeners, helps me feel a bit connected with an audience during these online times. Don't feel you need know anything about piobaireachd to say hello here...


'Piobaireachd 2021' is supported by Creative Scotland's Sustaining Creative Development Fund

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