Second Sight

A new album always feels like a big event, it doesn't happen so often (but the frequency has certainly stepped up a gear in recent times)  A catch up on the last year and a half and a lot of low whistle.

Second Sight is my forthcoming new album, with low-whistle taking centre-stage again. It releases in full on Bandcamp on Aug 2nd and on streaming platforms on Aug 23rd, 2024. 

It is the final part of slightly larger project entailing my creating 3 contrasting trio album recordings, each featuring and stretching my low whistle playing (and writing) away from more traditional-music influenced territory more commonly associated with the instrument. This has resulted in ‘Secret Path’ where I played with drummer and so much more, Tom Bancroft, and pianist Paul Harrison who introduced Wurlitzer electric piano (brilliantly), then ‘One Great Circle’ with Catriona McKay on clarsach (this always sounds strange to me, because Catriona plays beyond what my preconceptions of instrument are) and the brilliant violinist, Chris Stout.

One Great Circle resulted in a kind of chamber-folk trio while Secret Path was naturally more groove driven.  

Second Sight, the 3rd of this series of trio albums, sees me reunite (in a recording sense) with Graeme Stephen, an extraordinary guitar player and musician on a mission, similarly, with his own distinct brief. Graeme and I started playing music together in pre-internet days. Now it's almost 30 years later.  Elie Afif came to Scotland only in the last couple of years. Originally from Lebanon, Elie was working/playing in Dubai for a number of years previously.  We haven't yet shared arduous journeys and dashed dreams like the other half of this trio, but we're off to a promising start.

Thank you Elie, Graeme, and indeed Catriona, Paul, Chris, Tom, it's an honour to have your music on these 3 albums - and each made in a day, I don't mind telling the reader, as testament to your individual skills.       

I'd be pleased if you take a listen! Clicking on the album covers above will take you to Bandcamp.  All 3 albums are also available on music streaming sites, however I can't quite bring myself to name them here.  

And thank you, Creative Scotland, without whom this project probably couldn't have happened.