Colin Edwards on the duo's Deeside Inn show

Thursday 3rd Dec 2015: Fraser Fifield and Graeme Stephen at the Deeside Inn, Ballater

By Colin Edwards

What makes a moment memorable? Things that happen spontaneously. A breathtaking sunset, a spark of…


Serbia - Balkanopolis

Serbia - lucky to get opportunities through music to meet fascinating people and places and so it was the past week in Belgrade, big thanks to Slobodan Trkulja and Balkanopolis, It's exciting musically to throw yourself among a new group…


A new recording

a new track available to download, called 'Snowblind', hope you like it ....


jazz on 3 live from edinburgh

catch the short set* performed by Fraser Fifield, Graeme Stephen and David Milligan on BBC Radio 3's Jazz on 3 online for 30 days. 

*circa 47 mins into the programme. 

the tunes: 

Of Gaul 

Chase It Catch It 

Secret Histories 


Looking forward very much to meeting and playing with these fine musicians soon in Buenos Aires 


Lots more info to follow 



review Zakir Hussain Glasgow

Performing as part of Alchemy Glasgow, a celebration of classical, traditional, folk and contemporary music from Pakistan, India and the UK, Hussain and co proved beyond all doubt that traditional Indian and Celtic music are natural bedfellows. Soul, rhythm, they’re…


what I've been doing, and coming up.

That's what I've been doing...


Tours in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland with the Boy and the Bunnett and the Red Note Ensemble with Kuljit Bhamra respectively leading into a tour with Zakir Hussein's Pulse of The World in…