Folkwords review In Buenos Aires

Thanks a million to Charlie Elland and for this glowing summary:

‘In Buenos Aires’ – Fraser Fifield – originality, inspiration, invention

(June 17, 2017)

To call a musician’s work ‘unique’ is a bold statement. However, if any musicians come…


Folk Radio UK on In Buenos Aires

"When it comes to musical innovation in Scottish music the name Fraser Fifield frequently come up in conversation. As Neil pointed out in his Celtic Connections review for The Big Music Society series which aimed to help find a place…

'In Buenos Aires' - NEW ALBUM!!

I'm delighted to present my new album "In Buenos Aires" ! 


Recorded in Casa Frida Studio, Buenos Aires, Argentina, the album features the wonderful musicianship of 

Walther E. Castro ~ bandoneon 

Quique Sinesi ~ guitars, charango

Mono Hurtado ~ double…

Celtic Connections 2017

Great to play a part once more in this fantastic festival of music.  

Thanks to NeWt Trio and La Banda Europa for memorable music making experiences!  

Some photos:





Herald Piece

Thanks to Rob Adams for the great coverage in advance of these gigs



I thought, why not make available this track from 2014, which I'm fond of, so here it is, over on bandcamp 


touring Highlands and Islands with Red Note


With Red Note Ensemble and Kuljit Bhamra last week...  

Loch Shiel Festival, Glenfinnan  

                                                                                       Good to escape the city...

Red Note Ensemble dates

The Red Note Ensemble's Reels to Ragas series with Kuljit Bhamra and I attached at various venues throughout the Highlands of Scotland in April, like this one... 

See the Red Note website for further info 

Includes @LochshielFest  Friday 15th April 

a gig at Berlin Philharmonic

In Berlin on Tues evening I took part in a concert titled

Celtic Roots: Jazz at the Berlin Philharmonic  

put together by ACT records boss Siggifried Loch, and recorded for eventual release on his label, it featured

Aly Bain 



the practice chanter

I made a wee recording yesterday featuring the humble practice chanter and a bit of ableton, having always liked it's sound, it's not often performed upon publicly but various people have of course used it, by now, on recordings.  One…