Thanks a million to Charlie Elland and for this glowing summary:

‘In Buenos Aires’ – Fraser Fifield – originality, inspiration, invention

(June 17, 2017)

To call a musician’s work ‘unique’ is a bold statement. However, if any musicians come close, then Fraser Fifield would be among them. The originality of his work, the breadth of his inspiration, scope of invention and variety of instruments he uses to create his music make him unique – and one of Scotland’s most enthralling artists. To augment his explorations through folk to jazz, innovation and tradition, articulation with eclecticism, he now releases ‘In Buenos Aires’ an album of original compositions, recorded in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This album is a free-ranging catalogue of tunes that arrive with expression, captivate with inventiveness and remain luxurious. ‘In Buenos Aires’ is created by combining Fifield’s expressive and affecting low whistle and border pipes with Walther E. Castro’s bandoneon, Quique Sinesi’s guitars and Mono Hurtado’s double bass. The fusion between these three exponents of New Tango and Fifield is an exceptional experience, leading through tracks that ebb and flow with a special spirit. For me, the stand-out tracks among this distinctive music are the softly appealing introduction ‘As A Child’, the intricate ‘Remembrance’, the spiralling ‘Gaita y Bandoneon’ and the vibrancy of ‘The Owl’.

This is an album that demands time and attention to derive the most from what’s on offer - do that and it will reward you.


Review: Charlie Elland