It has been a real pleasure to play the opening set with Graeme Stephen on the J-Word tour before giving the stage to three master musicians, Paulo Fresu, Omar Sosa and Trilok Gurto, at some of the posh venues around the country over the past week. 

Both Graeme and I have been listening to Trilok Gurtu for many years, cassette tape being the starting medium. Mr Gurto along with Omar Sosa and Paulo Fresu make really great music together, as audiences in Gateshead, Perth, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Inverness, Edinburgh and Dunfermline will testify I'm sure. I hope they record at some point. 

Here's a video taken when Graeme and I were invited to join them for their encore at the Queens Hall in Edinburgh, was great fun and an honour for us, hope you like it.

Various people have been moved to comment, some formally as in by Rob Adams 

and in the Scotsman too by Kenny Mathieson:

I'll leave it just there - maybe there'll be some audio (of ours) worth sharing from some of the gigs we recorded, will let you know soon. Or I might even sell it that'd be a pretty radical step

  all the best



2013-05-14 18:55:56 - David Milne
Dear Fraser, Congratulations to you and Graeme Stephen on a sublimely beautiful performance with Paulo Fresu, Omar Sosa, and Trilok Gurto. I was absolutely spellbound by the gentle interplay, soulful spirit, and quiet intensity of this collaborative performance. I wish I could have been there to hear it in person - perhaps I will have the chance to hear you soon in Scotland. Thank you for sharing fantastic music! All best wishes for your continued success! Cheers, David Milne