I'm delighted to announce the new album "Esotero" is finished and will soon be available to purchase from this site. 

'Esotero' features the duo performance of guitarist Graeme Stephen with myself playing Low Whistle, Soprano Sax and Border Pipes.  

Graeme Stephen and I have worked as a duo for many years now, building the kind of musicial partnership that only time can deliver. This is our first album showcasing the sound we've developed over some 16 years. 

We recorded the music in a 1 day session at the Sound-Cafe Studio near Edinburgh and we're very pleased with the result. 

Exact release date will be finalised soon and thereafter the CD will be available to purchase from this site and will be available to download from all the usual online stores. 

I'll be putting various previews from the album on my soundcloud page over the next weeks. To begin, I invite you to check out the 1st track, the title track, from the album here.

Esotero is a Greek word which means literally 'inner'. An appropriate title we felt, given the album is all about the duo dialogue. Instead of overdubbing we've endeavoured to create a full picture of sound using only the resources available to us in live performance. 

We very much hope you enjoy listening


2013-10-09 21:58:23 - David Milne
Hi Fraser! Congratulations on the release of your new album ESOTERO! It is great news that you and Graeme Stephen have recorded an album of wonderful music that captures the spontaneity of your captivating live duo performances. I am greatly looking forward to hearing the complete recording! All best wishes to you and Graeme for your continued success! Cheers, David Milne